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Add Schema markup

If you search for a restaurant, recipe, or movie in Google, you’ll see a lot more than a list of 10 links. There are images, star ratings, publish dates, and more. Where does Google get all this info?

Schema markup.

In 2009, the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) got together and created a standardized set of markup to be used by websites. This “structured data” gives webmasters a standardized way to tell the search engines additional info (metadata) about their websites. For instance, visitors might see a movie rating on your site due to the star icons, but Google can find it too thanks to the use of Schema.

So, how does this help you get traffic?

Results that have stars, images, and additional features in Google get more clicks. That means more search traffic for you. Also, there is growing evidence that getting more clicks invariably increasing search engine rankings.

In the past, you had to add the markup within your page’s HTML which was… horrible. But, the web gods have smiled upon us and Schema is now easily added with JSON-LD.