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Add urgency to the sale

Urgency is one of the most compelling psychological triggers for closing a sale. Would-be customers who are on the fence can talk themselves out of a purchase by putting it off for later. Adding urgency compels prospects to make a decision now.

There’s just one problem; it’s hard to fake.

Some products are naturally urgent, like tickets to an event. If you sell a product like this, reinforce that urgency with a timer or notify prospects when other tickets have sold. Remind them that the clock is ticking and they need to act fast. For other products, you’ll need to get clever.

Amazon now includes a timer on their product pages telling you how much time you have left to order before the product arrives a day later. It’s just logical enough to work.

If I wanted to add urgency to this tactic, I could remind you of all the customers your competitors are signing up right now. Customers who visit your sales page before purchasing a competing product instead. Customers you could have if you added more urgency to your sales page.

Whatever you come up with, make sure to test it. And please, don’t add fake timers that refresh every time you visit the site.