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Answer questions on Q&A Sites

You’ve got a lot of knowledge about your niche, or your client does.

A simple way to take advantage of that knowledge is to visit Q&A sites like Quora and answer questions. Answering questions publicly is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and help others online with a solution. Popular Quora threads get viewed thousands of times.

You can include the company you work for in your tagline, and you’ll gain some direct “type-in” traffic this way. You can also add links within your answers. While it’s tempting to link to your site in every response, it’s best not to add a link every time you answer a question. When you do link to your site, link to blog posts and informational content, rather than sales pages.

This tactic’s effectiveness depends a lot on the niche as well. It’s heavily utilized in some niches making it very competitive, but much less popular in others.