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Tactics List Retention

Get visitors onto an email list

“The money is in the list.” – every marketer, ever.

One of your top priorities should be getting site visitors onto an email list. Why?

Because getting email addresses gives you a direct line of communication that you control. Facebook followers are cool, but Facebook still controls your relationship. The same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other platform. With email, you get full control over your correspondence.

So what does that have to do with retention?

You can notify subscribers of new content, send reminders, tell them about sales, etc. There’s an endless number of ways to get in touch with your list and drive them back to your site. Regardless of how you use your list, you’ll get more repeat traffic to your site.

This tactic isn’t only for blogs; it applies to paying customers too. Once someone buys from you, don’t forget about them! Stay in touch via email to keep them coming back.