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Comment on blogs in your niche

No matter what niche you’re in, there are blogs.

Not every blog allows comments, but most do. You can leave thoughtful and engaging comments on these blogs to drive traffic back to your site. If you pick a few top blogs to read and comment on, you’ll get increased recognition as visitors continue seeing your name and avatar.

The key to blog commenting is to leave authentic and insightful comments. If a reader sees you for the third time will they think, “Oh great, it’s him again” or “Ugh not this guy.”

To get more traffic with this tactic, subscribe to the most popular blogs in your niche and try to comment right away. Since comments are usually sorted reverse-chronologically, this will ensure your comment gets listed higher.

One more hidden benefit of commenting is that you get your name and ideas in front of popular bloggers. The A-listers might have someone else moderating comments, but the majority of bloggers do comment moderation themselves. Commenting is a valuable and direct way to build a connection with bloggers and makes it easier to get in touch later via email.