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Run an event-based promotion

This is the most common marketing campaign of all time. Latch onto an event like a holiday or season and run a related sale.

New promotions will bring people to your business to buy again before they otherwise would have and can also encourage larger purchases.

You’ve seen thousands of these campaigns, but you don’t have to make your promotion as generic. Instead of using Christmas or Mother’s Day, pick an event that is a more natural fit to your niche. In fact, there’s a holiday for pretty much everything.

Do you sell dog training services? Run a promotion on the week of August 26: National Dog Day. Even better, there’s an entire National Train Your Dog Month in January. I’m not making this up, I swear.

Every niche has a relevant holiday. If you struggle to find one, you can always use an event like an upcoming conference as a reason for a sale.

With a little Googling and creativity, you’re sure to find some events to use for a promotion.