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Write for someone else’s site

It’s a classic catch-22.

You need traffic for your brand new site. Other marketers give you advice like, “share content with your followers on social media.” That’s cool, but what followers?

So what can you do?

Get in front of established audiences via guest blogging. The idea is pretty simple.

Every blog needs fresh content, all the time. You provide an amazing, in-depth post for free and in return, you get a link or two back to your site. The links have SEO value, but more importantly, they’ll send new readers to your site.

While prestige can help, many successful sites will be happy to publish your content provided it’s of exceptional quality. Make every post as good or better than the content you publish on your site.

If you’re just getting started, it doesn’t make sense to blog consistently on your site since no one is reading it yet. By all means, get a solid content foundation in place, but jumpstart your audience growth by running an extended guest posting campaign.

To learn the process of guest blogging, check out the awesome guides listed below.