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Build links to your site

Why does one page rank higher in Google than another?

PageRank is the basis of Google’s search results algorithm. Hyperlinks count as citations/recommendations, and so websites/pages with more links get a higher PageRank score which enables them to rank higher in Google. Fast forward nearly two decades and things have gotten considerably more complicated.

Google is updating their search algorithms every day with major changes taking place multiple times per month. Due to the complexities and challenges of legitimate link building, it’s become an increasingly marginalized practice, and many SEOs forego link building entirely.

All of that said, link building remains an extremely important factor in search engine traffic. It would be nice if we didn’t have to build links, but you can still get an excellent ROI if you invest in link building campaigns and strategies.

So, if you’re down to get some links and rank up, try the tools and tutorials below to dig in deeper into link building.