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Use live chat to address doubts

Live chat is all the rage these days. It seems to be on every site and sales page on the internet. So, what’s the big deal?

If your site doesn’t address all of the customer’s questions and doubts about your product, they won’t buy. It makes it easy for them to put off purchasing indefinitely. Or worse, they’ll go somewhere else to find an answer. The problem is, you don’t know about these doubts, or the information is too hard to find on your site. This is where live chat comes in.

With a customer service agent readily available, customers can ask any pre-sale questions they have. Service reps can remove any remaining barriers before the sale. They don’t need an aggressive sales script. All they need to do is sincerely answer customer queries.

The added benefit of using live chat is the feedback you get from visitors. You can read through the chat logs and find out what additional information customers needed to make a purchase. Then you can update the site to address these doubts and improve conversion rates.