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Optimize your site architecture

You might use a budget to keep your spending within your means. Or, maybe you keep a calorie budget to stop from overeating. Well, Google has a budget too.

Google may have seemingly infinite resources, but its spiders can’t crawl indefinitely without direction. Googlebot has a budget that it spends on your site, and you need to help it get spent well. A well-spent crawl budget means the pages that matter most get crawled often, and more pages in total get crawled with each Googlebot visit.

You help Googlebot efficiently crawl your site by improving the way your pages link to each other i.e. your site architecture.

How many clicks does it take to get from the homepage to a product page? How many clicks from one blog post to another? The more you can reduce these numbers, the further into your site Googlebot can get on each crawl. Any pages that you want to rank well should be easy to reach.

The other benefit of a “flat site architecture” like this is that your visitors will find it simpler to navigate. In fact, improving your navigation for visitors is almost guaranteed to improve it for Google too. Furthermore, this process will improve the flow of “link juice” around the site.

Site architecture is a rather complex subject, so if you’re ready to get technical, check out the extensive guides listed below.