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Tactics List Retention

Reactivate customer accounts

“You’re dead to me.”

That’s how most businesses treat their ex-customers.

You work hard for every customer. You provide continuous value, build rapport, and celebrate their success. But what happens after they leave?

Most businesses never reach out again because they’re too focused on new prospects. Well, it’s time to change that.

If someone purchased your product and used it for an extended period, there must be a few things they like about it. Something went wrong. Exit surveys are an excellent way to uncover these issues. Once you’ve addressed them, reach out to ex-customers and say, “Hey, it’s a new me. Let’s give it another shot.”

Follow up with customers who have left via email and let them know the exact features you’ve added since they left. Much of this can be automated, and since email is virtually free to send, it’s a very cost-effective way to get “new” customers.

This tactic is easy to abuse, so tread lightly. Don’t use it as an opportunity to haunt your former customers.