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Reverse guest blogging

Reverse guest blogging? What is that?

Reverse guest blogging is when you delete a post on someone else’s blog.

Just kidding.

Reverse guest blogging is when you allow guest post submissions on your site. Not so confusing, right?

There are a few benefits to this. First, you get free content. Second, and more salient to the category of this post, you get traffic.

A new post on your site is a new page you can promote on the main social networks and niche social sites. Also, remind the blogger to share the post with their audience when it’s published to get even more eyeballs on your site. You can be selective and only allow bloggers with established audiences to write for you, and you can even reach out to others and ask them to submit a post.

While accepting guest posts is easier than writing them yourself, it’s not without work. You’ll need to set clear guidelines, and the content will still need editing.