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Implement a wallet system for payments

A customer wants to buy a $15 product on your site. Instead of paying $15 for the product, you require them to buy store credits. They can purchase 15 credits or larger packages of 30, 50, and 100. While customers often find this approach to commerce annoying, it can be extremely lucrative.

First, you improve cash flow by getting more money upfront. Second, the credits incentivize the customer to come back and spend their remaining credits. And third, if the customer doesn’t return, you retain unspent credits that you wouldn’t have earned otherwise.

There’s also an obvious opportunity to add volume discounts to every single purchase. 20 credits are $20, but 50 credits are only $45.

This tactic is especially well-suited for eCommerce stores and marketplaces. Themeforest allows direct purchases but adds a fee when not using store credits. Textbroker requires credits but lets you enter custom amounts with a minimum deposit of $20. There are many variations you can place on a wallet/store credit system.

Wallets can be annoying for customers, but the financial rewards may outweigh the small decline in customer experience.