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Tactics List Retention

Train your customers

Turn every customer into an expert on your product.

Education is one of the most effective retention strategies at your disposal. Invest in training your users, and you’ll reap the rewards in loyalty. Customers who know your product inside and out are more engaged, loyal, and trust your company more.

Customers who know how to use the product well are less likely to need help, but more likely to communicate freely with you. Minimizing the knowledge asymmetry between the product creator and user builds trust that makes customers more open to communication.

In case that’s not enough, you also get sunk costs on your side. The more time users invest in learning your product, the less they’ll want to switch and forfeit all that hard-earned knowledge.

As a personal anecdote, I was hesitant to leave Photoshop for Sketch after investing so much time in learning it. Ultimately, Sketch is a better tool for web design, and I did switch, but my sunk costs in learning Photoshop delayed my transition for months.