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Update existing content

Keep the content coming!

You always need that new post to promote, that new quote to Tweet, that new link to share. That’s why you need a constant stream of content – the key to getting more traffic.

Or is it?

SEOs have been challenging this belief over the last couple years. HubSpot kicked things off when they realized the majority of their traffic and leads came from old content. Even more surprising was that the top 0.5% of their posts were responsible for 46% of their total leads! So what did they do? They increased the traffic to high-converting, low-traffic posts and increased the conversion rates on the low-converting, high-traffic posts. And how did they do that?

By updating the content.

Link building and promotion are a non-stop hustle, so tactics you can run internally are a great supplement for growth. If you want to give it a shot, follow the reading materials below to get started.