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Tactics List Retention

Write better email subject lines

Let’s say you’ve already got an email autoresponder series that brings customers back to your product. How can you get more customers to return to your product?

Get more people to open your emails. And how can you do that?

Write better subject lines!

Andrew Warner from Mixergy has some of the most tantalizing email subject lines in the biz. Subscribe to his list if you want a firsthand demonstration.

There’s no perfect recipe for subject lines, but in general, make them short and curious. Entice people with a question, powerful statement, or strange assertion.

Some example Mixergy subject lines:

  • No one talks about this
  • I didn’t want to send this email, but…
  • How to get more done…
  • Is this guy a fraud?

Don’t box yourself in with relevancy. In fact, a subject line that is only tangentially related can be weird and attention-getting. All that matters is that you get the click. And of course, you do need to connect it to the content somehow.

Beyond brainstorming, you’ll want to test your new subject lines. If you don’t have enough customers to quickly reach statistical significance, try testing subject lines in PPC ads or A/A testing instead.