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Tactics List 19/59
Improve your user onboarding experience
Get visitors onto an email list
Send exit surveys to customers you lose
Stamp out the bugs
Never stop selling
Send push notifications

Send push notifications

This tactic can enhance retention for your app. And if you don’t have an app, there’s an easy way to get one for your site…

Provide exceptional customer support
Hello anyone home?
Make it hard to say “Goodbye”

Make it hard to say “Goodbye”

Even happy customers won’t stick around if they can easily try a competitor’s product. Make switching harder to improve retention and customer lifetime value.

Stay in touch
Deliver unexpected surprises
Write better email subject lines
Make feedback submission painless
Align with your customers’ values
Setup a loyalty program
Reactivate customer accounts
Send push notifications on the web
Send transactional emails
Train your customers