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Add pricing tiers

Add pricing tiers

You don’t need more features, you need smarter pricing. This tactic maximizes your revenue by splitting your offer into tiers.

Reverse your pricing tiers
Offer volume discounts
Switch from a free trial to a money back guarantee
Simplify your checkout page
Make more products for your customers
Recover abandoned carts with followup emails
Add a “fake” pricing tier
Decrease billing cycles
Add urgency to the sale
Run an event-based promotion
Implement a wallet system for payments
Recommend other products as an affiliate
Add credibility to your site
Use live chat to address doubts
Implement a risk reversal
Ship it for free

Ship it for free

Switching from paid to free shipping may be the simplest and biggest revenue boosting tactic for eCommerce stores.

Make account reactivation easy
Don’t limit sales to credit card payments
Speed up your site

Speed up your site

Despite your best marketing efforts, a slow site can yank your conversions down. Keep the customers coming by speeding up your site.